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Lafourche According to PortnoyOlivaceous Cormorants were reported during the breeding season at Delta NWR during the 's; it is not known whether the identifcations were correct. Any cormorant suspected to be of this species should be identified with cjat caution, even though it is abundant in Southwestern Louisiana. The best field-mark is the dirty yellow gular pouch which has an angular rather than rounded rear margin, but the long-tailed look in flight is quite distinctive. The gular pouch is edged with white in breeding condition.



A pair was seen at Labranche, St. Allthough identifcation is not particularly difficult, for either sex, its rarity should engender caution. Except for an undated December record of a bird shot near Labranche in the early 's fide RJSthis madiwonville went unrecorded from until February The Ruddy Duck went essentially unrecorded on New Orleans Christmas Counts beforeand has evidently increased due to the availability of these newly-dug artificial lakes in New Orleans.

At least were seen on Fourchon Rd.

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White-fronted Geese arrive as early as about Oct. It is, however, common to seen Frigate-birds s in the tens to dozens Maracanau telephone chat Breton and Chandeleur Sounds, and at the nearby marsh edge, during the summer. On the other hand, Gosselink, et al remark that s have since reverted to something like pre-Hurricane Audrey s.

Plegadis ibis are often seen west of the city along the west side of Lake Pontchartrain and along U.

Plegaids colonies vary in size from less than to more than breeding pairs. It is the smallest of North American ducks. Expected dates are March 25 Wanting tofuck now October 25; extrreme dates of occurrence jadisonville Mar. In recent years it has been most frequently recorded from either shore of Lake Pontchartrain, often as a result of Christmas Count coverage, but it might be seen on any of the larger bodies of water: the gulf, Chandeleur Sound, Lake Borgne, etc.


Sdx is one record of this beautiful duck, of a pair reported by Audubon on April 1, at Southwest Pass. Expected dates of wintering are October 25 to May 15; extreme dates are Sep.


The available records span the period November 5at the Rigolets to March 12at Cubit's Gap. Sexx dates are November 5 to April 10; extreme dates are Sept.

Charles Parish on Nov. In the immediate vicinity of New Orleans, they are most likely seen along U.

Away from their small nesting colonies, Reddish Egrets are most frequently seen in the Fourchon-Grand Isle area, and most commonly in fall. Expected dates of occurrence are from October 10 to April 20 and extreme records are Sep.

Small s of Green Herons briefly Green-backed are recorded in winter, mostly in the vicinity of Venice. Perhaps the largest concentration of Green-winged Teal on record is of on U. Occasional in summer. These include Sept. Tammany Parish. Frequently its calls are heard overhead at night during migration. Sinces on the New Orleans CBC have ranged from 7 lmmto inowing in part to their gregariousness.

Taylor Guste says that Greater Scaup are not infrequently shot on his lands on the lakefront near Madisonville. Outside the nesting areas, the largest recorded is 15 in Lafourche Par.

The Blue-winged Teal is often present in enormous s in spring and fall as birds pass through to the north or sourth. Although Stanley C.

Because of the similarity of the two species, it is difficult to be sure about relative abundance. The latter record is the only non-coastal record after October. Expected dates are mid-to-late April until about November 1.

In some years none are seen at all and in others there may be several records. They have become quite regular among the huge flocks of Snow Geese in the rice fields of Southwest Louisiana, the frequency of their sighting correlating with the population explosion of Snow Geese. While these may in fact have simply been post-breeding wanderers, one should read the description by Beyer, et al before making up his mind.

Expected dates are November 15 to March 20; while the earliest madisonvlile of fall arrival is Oct. The Ruddy Duck is most often found on deep ponds in residential areas of the eastern part of New Orleans.

NN,SF ; Dec. Expected dates of occurrence are April 1 to November 1. Extreme dates of occurrence are Nov. VI, Audubon wrote "At New Orleans, where I made the drawing of the young bird here given, the Trumpeters are frequently exposed for sale in the markets, being procured on the ponds of the interior, and in the great lakes leading to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. While identification of immatures should not generally be attempted, adults are not especially difficult to identify if seen well.

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Buffledhe may be expected between Bernard Par. According to Bellrose there was a great increase in wintering of Blue-winged Teal in coastal Louisiana from the 's on.

Generally, it seems to be true that the Glossy Ibis is the more common of the two in Plaquemines Parish, in the vicinity of Venice, and that, as is true of the distribution on the large scale, the balance begins to shift to the north and west.

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