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Mindless behavior chat room Look For Horney Meeting

Mindless behavior chat room

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Any resources to help? That is short for Room Owners.


We are open for any critic, feedback, and guidance received from the community as we are a part of it. Once a request is posted, it will either be handled, or not.

While it is permitted to have limited discussion about a request, posting messages intended to increase the visibility of a request is not permitted. Evaluating such questions and determining if a cv-pls is appropriate is considered a service that is beneficial to the room. Don't post messages just chwt say a request is complete.

Mindless behavior chat.

From time-to-time, behacior moderator may ask the room for assistance in a task that targets a user. The individual searches, which do work without the URRS, are del-plsdelv-plsdelete-plsreopen-plsre-open-plsundel-plsundelete-plsand undelv-pls. Your request reasons should be specific to the reasons you're making the request you are posting. Can I request people to vote or flag on posts I find?

Undocumented Feature

Ideally 3k reputation, but 1k will do. So, an average of 15 cv-pls requests per day is just the maximum which is possibly maintainable, if the user is putting the same of close-votes into cv-pls requests as they are asking from other people by the cv-pls requests that they post. Tag burnination requests and tag cleanup requests must be backed by an MSO post that follows the tag burning process.

Please indicate in the request reason that the source was one of the bots e. Don't post messages intended to "bump" requests i. Obviously, linking to offensive and NSFW images are grounds for being kicked and moderator intervention. Being the author of a proposed duplicate-target question or an answer on the duplicate-target does not, by itself, make you "involved" in a question which you are requesting be closed as a duplicate i.

Determining what is "really seeking input and is not just a disguised request" is left to the discretion of the ROs. Schedules and starts "Close Vote Queue" events.

If you do post such a message, it's a good idea to include at least one of the search links provided above, so people have an easy, convenient way to immediately click to see the backlog when reading your message. General Expectations for Members Stay nice and professional in chat: Keep it professional, keep a high standard. An RO will investigate suspected user targeting.

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How and why do I need to format my cv-pls and other requests? However, request reasons need to not be disparaging to the user or the post. It's relatively rare that someone routinely uses all of their close-votes only on cv-pls requests. If you are making a request about a post you encountered on the New Answers To Old questions NATO, in the 10k tools sor that behsvior otherwise quite old with a new answer, it is helpful to indicate that by including text similar to " NATO " in your request reason.

No GIFs or other animated images in Naughty woman want sex tonight West Des Moines. While the last activity date is visible on the questionincluding " NATO " in the request reason helps set people's expectations prior to visiting the question. They will check your for the following criteria: Lurked for a while so you understand its capabilities.

There are some guidelines in the next section for what should be in a request reason. More backstory is found here You closed my question! As room owners we are sensitive for behaviod needs of the community on Stack Overflow and encourage our members to help us create a guidance toolkit that enables all of us to fulfill those needs.

In general, if you're wanting to know why something happened, what your options are now, or just clarification to understand something, those are normally OK things to be asking about. If you leave a comment or custom close reason be prepared to interact with the OP. We don't need 4 members all leaving witty statements in the comments or in chat.

Note that the "recent rokm criteria applies only to cv-pls requests. When this is done at the request and direction of a moderator, it is likely to be acceptable. However, users posting requests that are blatantly wrong will be told so.

Mindless Behavior - Mrs. Right Lyrics

Jules was a sweet-natured rooster, mincless and affectionate to the core. They are more distracting than one-boxed messages. Furthermore, do not pressure anyone into doing so. Pins relevant messages on the starboard Keeps the of pinned items in the starboard to a minimum. Keep the discussion on the merits of the post, not on behavior of the user. Under most conditions, this will normally include asking you what's going on.

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Thus, what's considered acceptable is conservative. Do not flag your message for moderator attention to have it removed. To be clear, the Charcoal team operates from a different room to SOCVR, and has different criteria for granting privileges in that room. Do not advertise or make a reference to the room out of the blue.

Expectations for Room Owners Is a chxt model for the kind of participation expected. Don't moderate users: Moderate the post, not the user. Vote conscientiously on posts you wouldn't normally encounter beyond being linked to from this room.

Reels in conversation if it gets out of hand. We don't want to feed wrong information into Smokey or flag reported posts incorrectly. Spam flags have a lot of impact on user s.

Online Stalker -a mindless behavior jacob perez story

Disclosure of your involvement is required when initiating the discussion. Where can I get the recipe for the luncheon meat? Eventually I noticed she was returning begavior me less and less, and for shorter periods. If the RO does move it, they should make an effort to explain why, maintain the context of the discussion e.

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