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Please refer to the current edition of the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" STD 1 for the standardization state and status of this protocol. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. All Rights Reserved. IMAP4rev1 permits manipulation of mailboxes remote message folders in a way that is functionally equivalent to local folders.


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Closing Conversations When the actions specified in an agreement have all been completed a conversation should be closed. Persistent unique identifiers are required for a client to resynchronize its state from a session with the server e. The protocol receiver of an IMAP4rev1 client or server is either reading a line, or is reading a sequence of octets with a known count followed by a line.

If the physical message store is re-ordered by a non-IMAP agent, this requires that the unique identifiers in the mailbox be regenerated, since the former unique identifiers are no longer strictly ascending as a result of the re-ordering.

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Note Depending on the actions specified in an agreement, you may not necessarily be the party that starts a conversation. Server Responses - Server and Mailbox Status Note: Even if the octet count is 0, a client transmitting a literal MUST wait to receive a command continuation request.

Sample IMAP4rev1 connection The business process can be formally defined by a separate document a Business Process Specification, or BPS or it can simply be an informal process agreed to by the partners. You messag want to review the conversation before you close it. Retrieving Messages and Documents The Messaging Inbox lists all conversations that contain pending messages. Attach any required documents for the message.

PSR Logger Interface

The Communications Center displays the Sendwhich lists the Conversation Id, available roles and actions, and a list of required documents to attach. IMAP4rev1 permits manipulation of mailboxes remote message folders in a way that is functionally equivalent to local folders.

If this is missing, the client can not make any assumptions about the first unseen message in the mailbox, and needs to issue a SEARCH command if it wants to find it. Permanent flags are those which the client can add or remove from the message flags permanently; that is, concurrent and subsequent sessions will see any change in permanent flags.

Note that a particular data item may take more than one form; for example, a data item defined as using "astring" syntax may be either an atom or a string. Typically, these actions are in response to an action received from your trading partner, according to a business process.

The same hierarchy separator character is used for all levels of hierarchy within a single name. LSUB Response Server implementations MAY allow access to certain mailboxes without establishing authentication. The interpretation messags all other names is implementation-dependent.

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Message Attributes In addition to message text, each message has several attributes associated with it. The STARTTLS command is an alternate form of establishing session privacy protection and integrity checking, but does not establish authentication or enter the authenticated state.

OK Response The Communications Center displays a list of active conversations for that agreement, including the last action taken. Unique identifiers are ased in a messagee ascending fashion in the mailbox; as each message is added to the mailbox it is ased a higher UID than the message s which were added ly.

messave To prevent messages being sent out of context, you can close a conversation as described in the section, "Closing Conversations". Refer to section 2. There are several protocol conventions in IMAP.

All Rights Reserved. Mailbox Hierarchy Naming If it is desired to export hierarchical mailbox names, mailbox names MUST be left-to-right hierarchical using a single character to separate levels of hierarchy. The of messages in the mailbox is also decremented.

Marking a message as delivered removes the message from the list of pending messages. CHARSETs have important additional semantics in addition to defining character set; refer to these documents for more detail. A different tag is generated by the client for each command.

To retrieve messages and attached documents on a per action basis In the Communications Center, mfssage Inbox from the Messaging tab. Server Responses The Send a Message displays a list of deployed agreements.

It is not intended to provide any guarantee that any message will have this unique identifier.

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