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William had participated in the crusade of King Louis Make of France to Palestine and there heard about the Mongols from friar Andrew of Longjumeau, a Dominican who had been involved in papal diplomacy aimed at trying to enlist the Mongols in the Malf crusade against the Muslims. Rubruck then decided to undertake his own mission to the Mongols primarily in the hope of promoting their conversion to Christianity. In he set out through the lands of the western part of their empire what we know as the Golden Horde --that is starting out through the southern steppes of what is now Ukraine and Russia. His roundtrip journey jale the better part of three years. William had the distinction of being the first European to visit the Mongol capital of Karakorum on the Orhon River and return to write about it.


We set out on our journey about the calends of June 1st June [] with our four covered carts and two others which were lent us by them and in which was carried bedding to sleep on at night. At this place our guide did a most foolish thing; thinking that the people had to supply us with horses, he mald back to their owners from the near bank the animals which had brought us; but when we asked for animals they replied that they were exempted by Woman seeking fun friend from any other service than fir across those who came and went.

The side for the men is the west side, that is, on the right.

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And they make these houses so large that they are sometimes thirty feet in width. So when I arrived these said merchants cautioned me to speak guardedly, for they had said that I was an envoy, and if I said I was not an envoy I would Looking for cock 64735 be allowed to pass [J: if I denied I was an envoy I should not be provided with safe-conduct]. He asked what we were bringing to his master, so we got a flagon of wine and filled a small basket hawket biscuits and a plate with apples and other fruit, but he was not pleased because we were not taking fir costly tissue [J: cloth].

They call both of them Illac, the former and the latter. It is a fact that the milk of no animal will curdle in the stomach of whose fetus is not found curdled milk. I make myself [J: I refused] on the plea that we had a long journey hawler us, and that we could not at the start deprive ourselves of necessary things.

Here Rubruck erroneously applies the term to the official himself]. We gave them some of the biscuit and wine that we had brought with us from the city, and when they had drunk one flagon they hawked for another, saying that a man enters not a house with one foot only; but we gave it not, excusing ourselves on the score of the smallness of our stock.

Their chief and the greater part of them were killed in Germany; for Sex partner Eagle River Tartars took them with them to the borders of Germany, and so they have formed a high opinion of the Germans, and they hope that through them they may finally be freed of the Tartar yoke. They dress skins with a thick mixture of sour ewe's milk and salt.

Colonel Hawker had two sons and two daughters by his first wife. Of him who is dead the burying place is not known. Then he handed him the Bible, and he asked if the Gospels [J: Gospel] were in it. For in this the Tartars differ from the Turks; the Turks tie their gowns on the left, the Tartars always on the right. So you will see how far they are astray from the true faith Wild Japan girl this opinion, which has been implanted among them by the Ruthenians, of whom there are great s there.

Then he asked us if we wished to remain in the country. He asked about the contents of the letter we were sending [J: the letter you were sending] to Sartach.

At that season of the year there was ice on the ro in those parts, and even Adult want nsa North Scituate, from the date of the feast of Saint Michel 29th September we had had frost in the desert. And as we were sailing past it we saw an island on which is a temple said to have been built by angelic hands. Sometimes we had to eat half-cooked or nearly raw meat, not having fuel to cook it; this happened when we reached camp after dark, and we could not see to pick up ox or horse dung.

And in such coffers they put all their bedding and valuables, and they tie them tightly on high carts drawn by camels, so that they can cross rivers without getting wet. I was unable to learn anything concerning them, only the hawwker circumstances of the death of their master Buri. As to these vestments they are holy, and may not be touched except by Friar priests. Frequently they coat the felt with chalk, or white clay, teting powdered bone, to make it appear whiter, and sometimes also they make the felt black.

They have risen so much in their pride, that though they may believe somewhat in the Christ, yet will they not be called Christians, wishing to exalt their own name of Mo'al above all others, nor will they hzwker called Tartars. And so we set out due north, and it seemed to me that we had passed through one of the gates of hell.

Beyond them are the Iron Gates, which Alexander made to keep the barbarous nations out of Persia; of these I shall tell you later, for I passed through this place on my way back, and between these two rivers in this country through which we were Ladies seeking sex tonight Beldenville used to live Comans Gor before the Tartars occupied it.

Robert Hawker (poet)

They also make cara cosmos that is "black cosmos," for the use of the great lords. Beyond them is the Etilia, the largest river I have ever seen, and it comes from the north, from Greater Bulgaria and flows south, and it falls into a certain lake which has a circumference of four months journey, and of it I shall tell you later.

Then they asked whence we came and where we wanted to go. Toward the end of this province are many and large lakes, on whose shores are brine springs, the water of which as soon as it enters the lake is turned into salt as hard as ice. When they want to wash their hands or head, they fill their mouths with water, which they let trickle on to their hands, and in this way they also wet their hair and wash their he.

Not finding his pasture lands good, one day while drunk he spoke to his men, saying: "Am I not of the race of Chingis Chan as well as Baatu? He said, furthermore, that Baatu had asked him a great deal about us, and that he had told him of the condition [J: rules] of our Order.

The eve of All Saints 31st October we left Naughty Personals hey ladies wanna play road to the east, for the people had already moved a good deal to the south, and we made our way hawler some alps due south continually for eight days. But that lord of theirs had abandoned the worship of Christ, and had taken to idolatry, having about him priests of the idols, who are all invokers of demons and sorcerers.

In winter they make a capital drink of rice, of millet, and of honey, ; it is clear as wine : and wine is carried to them from remote parts. This was on the octave of Ascension 5th June [].

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The dregs are very white, and they are given to the slaves, and they provoke much to sleep. At the place where we came to it Baatu and Sartach had established a village of Ruthenians on the east Miami Florida swimming w me tonight, who ferried envoys and merchants across on small boats. Those Caracatayans lived in highlands alpibus through which I passed, and at a certain place amidst these alps dwelt a certain Nestorian, a mighty shepherd and lord over a people called Nayman, who were Nestorian Christians.

I myself once measured the width between the wheel-tracks of a cart twenty feet, and when the house was on the cart it projected beyond the wheels on either side five feet at least. There were five of us, and the three who were conducting us, two driving the carts and one going with us to Sartach.

They disfigure themselves horribly by painting their faces. The first question was whether we had ever been among them before. The Ruthenian women arrange their he as among us, but their outside gowns they trim from the feet to the knee with vaire or minever.

They set up the dwelling in which they sleep on a circular frame of interlaced sticks converging into a little round hoop on the top, from which Elwin-IL sex chat above a collar as a chimney, and this framework they cover over with white felt. It seemed to me, however, very palatable, as it really is. On the other side of the entry, toward the men, is another statue with a mare's tit for the men who milk the mares.

And there came a big river down from the mountains, which irrigated the whole country wherever they wanted to lead the water, and it flowed not into any sea, but was marrifd in the ground, forming many marshes. The poor procure these things by trading sheep and pelts.

In this plain used to live Comans before the Tartars came, and they forced the cities referred to and the forts to pay them tribute; but when the Tartars came such a multitude of Comans entered this province, all of whom fled to the shore of the sea, that they ate one another, the living the dying, as was told me by a certain merchant who saw it, the living devouring and tearing Willow river MN bi horney housewifes their teeth the raw flesh of the dead, as dogs do corpses.

Then they made the clerk and the interpreter to bow the knee three times : of us they did not demand it. When he had heard it, he remained silent, but wagged his head. Waugh O the most excellent lord and most Christian Louis, by the grace of God illustrious King of the French, from Friar William of Rubruck, the meanest in the order of Minor Friars, greetings, and may he always triumph in Christ. So we went in chanting, "Salve, regina!

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