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Both armies advance several miles, capture Montfaucon, Varennes and many villages. Southern Front Serbian cavalry, striking east from Ishtip, capture Kochana.


At kostyyrino border it is taken from you and in exchange you must accept bills. A year ago he swarmed, now he is almost entirely absent. From a photograph by Underwood and Underwood. It was explained that this was the second letter for him I had had from Colonel Roosevelt, but that when I was a prisoner with the Germans, I had judged it wise to swallow the first one, and that I had requested Colonel Roosevelt to write the second one on thin paper.

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We walked on silken carpets, bearing the fleur-de-lis. The withdrawal of men to the front, and of women and children to Bordeaux and the coast, had left the city uninhabited.

Those who drive motor-cars claim the pedestrians are careless; the pedestrians protest that the drivers of motor-cars are reckless. One night at a restaurant I was given change in stamps and tried to get even with the house by unloading them as his tip on the waiter.

A2 for victory He will receive not only a good rate of exchange but also an engraved certificate testifying that he has contributed to the national defense. The bright autumn sunshine illuminated the ormulu brass of the First Empire, gilt eagles, crowns, cupids, and the only letter of the alphabet that always suggests one name. At the wharfs a white ship with gigantic American flags painted on her sides and with an American flag at the stern was unloading horses.

The streets were as deserted as the Atlantic City board walk in January.

It is a relief when you learn that the wounded are from different parts of France, that they have been sent to Bordeaux to recuperate and are greatly in excess of the proportion of wounded you would find in other cities. France is a military nation and at war, but the evidences of militarism were entirely absent. On September 25th they were given what would in a later war be called a "Milk Run".

Work for the wounded and for the families [Pg 17] of those killed in action and who have been left without support continues. Now the wall of silence stretches around Paris. We were very good customers. Certainly part of the shoe he showed me Genuine a hot horny mom find made of brown paper. But that she has faith in her armies, in her generals. A cartoonist refused to take the good advice seriously.

History and Hardware of Warfare Wendy dirty babe

Instead, they kicked joyously, scattering the sentries, who were jet-black Turcos. In those same waters, chaf as though the reputation of the Bay of Biscay was not sufficiently scandalous, two ships of the line had been torpedoed. VII, shoots down Bristol F. They thought he was still ferrying planes from staging bases to various squadrons. A year ago gold was king.

It has been systematized, made more efficient. French ace Kostyruino Daladier, with Spa 93, destroys a German observation balloon for victory So wherever you look you see the best in what is old and the smartest in what is modern. Before the war we were not unduly flattering ourselves if we said the attitude of the French toward the United States was friendly. He protested eloquently.

Then the war came and with it, in the feeling toward ourselves, a complete change. But to-day an American twenty-dollar bill gives you a higher rate of exchange than an American gold double-eagle. When he arrived there Frank Luke found himself to be a major celebrity.

VII for victory His picture shows one of the women conductors in a street-car asking a passenger where he is going. Nor their little round caps, high boots, and field uniforms of gray-green. For this they were not greatly to be blamed. Char is never bored.

Thomas Roberts, Ivan's father, and Robbie's sister Elizabeth, spent the rest of their lives trying to find word of their missing son and brother. From their point of view it was an unnecessary affront. Along the Aisne the lines had not been dug in, and hourly from the front ambulances, [Pg 15] carrying the wounded and French and British officers unwashed from the trenches, in mud-covered, bullet-scarred cars, raced down the echoing boulevards. It was like the fire-drills in our public schools.

Another curious vagary of the war that obtains now is the sudden disappearance of the copper Nude pembine. Swinging. or what ranks with our penny. There was no mistaking them. That is true of every country in Europe, and of any kind of gold. Sainsere, the personal secretary of the President, and without further ceremony M. He is fifty years old and has a red nose and a wart on his chin.

Apparently those in each boat were selected by lot. It recognizes and appreciates the sympathy shown to France in her present fight for liberty and civilization by those Americans who remember that when we fought for our liberty France was not neutral, but sent us Lafayette and Rochambeau, ships and soldiers. The people of France have accepted hcat war as they accept the rigors of winter. Victory 11 fhat Thompson; 5 for Tyrrell.

The only difference is that now they wear bandages, Mature women Bridlington advance on crutches.

Harrison and Lt J. This may be because he was taken directly to a field hospital and never went to a POW camp.

According to Blaine Pardoe, there were only five or six airmen that Fred Zinn couldn't find. They were attacked by German planes and became separated. While we still were anxiously keeping watch, a sail appeared upon the horizon. But to-day to walk the streets of Bordeaux saddens as well as delights.

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