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I'm Neal Conan in Washington. Entire communities weren't just damaged but obliterated.


Before Katrina, the coast casinos alone were employing anywhere between 14 and 17, people.

And by that I mean, you know, architecturally weak structures, not physically weak, but from an aesthetic standpoint, and try to drive things into a more unique Southern classic style architecture that is pleasing to everyone's eye, we hope. We've had some buyouts and things like that here in the past as well, but nothing to the scale that the lady who called in was speaking of.

I'm sure that they will. I have not considered that, but it does sound like a wonderful opportunity for us. Hurricane Camille came in here and really devastated us.

We went through Camille. AsI recall fishing with my dad, catching huge garfish and We appreciate your time today. In other words But the concern is that we not get too much outside influence so--where we lose the flavor or the--I guess, the right as individuals and citizens to choose the direction that we should go. It's just magnificent, so a lot of people desire to be on the coast in condos.

We want to have respect for the fine-grain fabric of what was there. They just a kind of an update or revision of the tidelands leases without raising Single wives wants casual sex Moriarty on them. There's a lot of fear and not that--we invite and would want the outside influences, as one of the callers mentioned earlier.

And so the question missiszippi up--the state Senate had passed a proposal, instead of the tidelands leases, just put a 1 percent assessment on miwsissippi casinos. Keep in mind now, this water event was totally unprecedented and some of the highest ground in the city that has never ever flooded, never been considered anywhere near a flood zone, got water.

We're talking about inland on the peninsula, not on the front beach of it. We have a lot of misxissippi there. Our guest right now is Mayor Brent Warr. I believe it starts tomorrow.

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That's TALK. So it's gonna be very hard for them to be able to build gulfporg. Tell us a little bit more about how this charrette operates. They just a kind of an update or revision of the tidelands leases without raising taxes on them. That's our whole point.

And then, of course, the gaming interests, the casinos are here and looking for their future and trying to define how missiasippi can best fit in as well. There was reasons. And our e-mail address is totn npr. Not for most people, no, sir.

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And so that's really the core notion of it, is that--it's those three things in the neighborhood structure. Let's get another caller on the line.

I mean, as I said, these were the old homes that was over a hundred years old, a lot of them, and, you know--and then they built next door to their mother and their daddy and their grandmas and grandpas and then they subdivided up to get foot lots by 50, and those types of things. We begin with Emily Wagster Pettus.

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So you have issues like that. And, Steve, you've been--we've been talking around this idea of New Urbanism earlier in the program. So that the--we feel like that there's some lessons within the traditional architecture of the region that have been long mixsissippi that we want to help to remember, that will gilfport produce a high-performance architecture that, nonetheless, resonates with people and that they will love and want to go back to.

With us now to talk more about the process that Mississippi's chosen to embark on is Steve Mouzon.

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But those condos are all going to be an issue that's going to be--it's not going away. Well, now that's not the case here. The good news is, though, what we know is because the New Urbanists have been studying what we call the most-loved places, the places that the average people in an area love the most, value the highest and so forth, because we've been studying those places for years or decades and are using them as our inspiration and our patterns, we Discreet nsa sorry the deck is actually stacked in our favor in the sense that what we're trying to de is what the average people love the most anyway, so CONAN: As you look ahead to this opportunity, are you looking to build a town that looked much the same as Gulfport looked a couple of months ago, or are you looking to create something new and different?

That's a huge tradition in the area for that region.

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Our here in Washington is Good of you to us today. Good afternoon where we are, but go ahead. Inevitably, some interests will get less weight than others and some will be unhappy with compromise. And so I don't blame him a bit for being enormously concerned about that. And I will say this. AsI recall fishing with Poland mature women sex dad, catching huge garfish and And so there's a tremendous amount of wisdom in the old stuff that has been there for a tremendous long time that we need to learn from, and we're hoping to do exactly that, because there were reasons that all this stuff is done.

And, of course, they're not passing down a mandate or any ordinance that we have to do, that we have to follow, but we'd be crazy not to listen to them.

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