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ToC "Herbs, fruits, and flowers, Walks, and the melody of birds. There were six of us, and we had the entire hotel, I may almost say the entire valley, to ourselves. If the verdict of the villagers cht have been taken, we should, perhaps, have been voted a queer set, familiar as dwellers in Franconia are with the sight of idle tourists,— "Rapid and gay, as if the earth were air, And they were butterflies to wheel about Long as the summer lasted. With her, as companion and tirrey, was a doctor of laws, who is also a newspaper proprietor, a voluminous author, an art connoisseur, and many things beside.


In fact, nobody could guess. Had this strange thing happened? When on a journey, I am almost without eyes or ears for bluebirds torreu robins, song sparrows and chickadees. Vireo philadelphicus is in a peculiar case: it looks like one common bird, and sings like another.

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I am happily married and she understands my need for friendship. It was too bad; but there would be another day to-morrow.

After 5 years here, I have no real friends. We will hope for better things; but, should the gloomy prognostication fall true, we will but betake ourselves the more assiduously to lesser pleasures,—to warblers and willows, roses and strawberries.

For my own part, I tprrey a feeling of something like wicked satisfaction; as if I had been wronged, and all at once had found a way of balancing the score. The loss of such confidence is a serious discomfort; but strange as it may seem to people in general, I suspect that few field ornithologists, except [Pg 30] beginners, ever succeed in retaining it undisturbed for any long time together.

Free text sex chat in torrey

Presently a third one, in dull plumage, came into view, having been hidden till now behind the bole. The measures are all brief; with fewer syllables, that is to say, than the red-eye commonly uses.

The word of the brook came true again,—as Nature's tsxt always do, if we hear them aright. I was delighted to see the crossbills, having never before had the first glimpse of them, summer or winter; but what was I to think about the grosbeaks? Burroughs, authoritatively, "not ogle it with a glass;" but a man must follow his own methodimpatient to see his back, and especially the top of his head.

It was certainly a curious coincidence: three [Pg 28] grosbeaks—two males and a female—had dropped out of a tree into the undergrowth; and then, five minutes later, three crossbills—two males and a female—had risen out of the same undergrowth, and taken almost the very perch which the forrey had quitted! But the morning of the 28th was clear and cold, and I set out forthwith for the Eagle Lakes. What would our aboriginal forerunners have said could they have stood in the valley and seen a human form moving from point to point along yonder sharp, serrated ridge?

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From the time I left my hotel until I was fairly above the dwarf spruces below the summit of Lafayette, I was never for many minutes together out of the hearing of thrush [Pg 19] music. He was in the Umbagog forests on a special hunt for Sed vireos he had collected specimens there on two occasionsand after some days of fruitless search discovered, almost by accident, that the birds had all the while been singing close about him, but in every instance had passed for "nothing but red-eyes.

It was a test day. One's sensations in such a case I have sometimes compared with those of an essay-writer when he is getting near the end of his task.

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I really don't care free you look like or how old you are as long as you have a good sense of humor. The younger man plunged into the forest, in the direction of the voice, while I, knowing pretty well how the land lay, hastened on toward the lakes, in hopes to find the singer visible from that point.

What would life be worth without its occasional enthusiasm, laughable in the retrospect, perhaps, but in itself pleasurable almost to the point of painfulness? They showed so much concern and had gathered the ripest of the berries so thoroughly that I actually came away the sooner on their. I had sought a night's lodging at her house, and during the evening we fell into conversation about Mount Mansfield, from the top of which I had just come, and directly at the base of which the farmhouse stood.

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Why should this sacred grass, which Christians sprinkle in front of their church doors on feast-days, be scattered thus upon our higher mountain-tops, unless these places are indeed, as the Indian and the ancient Hebrew believed, the special abode of the Great Spirit? His killic so written in the books, and I do not know how to improve upon it resembles the chebec of the least flycatcher, though much less emphatic, as well as much less frequently uttered, while his twee, or tuwee, is quite in the voice and manner of the wood pewee's clear, plaintive whistle; usually a monosyllable, but at other times almost or quite dissyllabic.

Meantime, we kept on up the hill, and soon were in the old forest, listening to bay-breasted warblersBlackburniansblack-pollsand so on, while the noise of the mountain brook on our right, a better singer than any of them, was never out of our ears.

So the momentous question was settled, and I commenced feeling once more a degree of confidence in my own eyesight. I am married so sex is not what I'm looking for.

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We were none of us of that unhappy class who cannot enjoy doing the same thing twice. We made several random attempts, and one day I devoted an hour or more to a really methodical search; but the wily singer gave me not the slightest clue, behaving as if there were no such thing as a bird's nest within a thousand miles, and all my endeavors went for nothing.

torret I sympathized then, as I have often done at other times, with a remark once made to me by a Vermont farmer's wife. We had seen nothing noteworthy on the way up I was not alone this time, though I have so far been rude enough to ignore my companion ; but while at the Eagle Lakes, on our return, we had an experience that threw me into a nine days' fever.


After a long time the fellow turned to feeding, and now I obtained a look at his upper parts,—the back olive, the head ashy, like the Nashville warbler. I have a sarcastic sense of humor and have always been the torey that goes with the saying "I wouldn't pick on you if I didn't like you. We were creeping laboriously up the long, steep shoulder beyond the Eagle Cliff gorge, and drawing near the lakes, when all at once a peculiarly sweet, flowing [Pg 29] warble fell upon our ears.

And soon they, too, were ed by a third bird, in female garb.

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