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Government Publishing Office. Phoneor toll-free. Brahima, Director, The Brookings Institution Karen Bass chair of the subcommittee presiding. Good afternoon, everyone.


And I think that is what China has aligned itself with the African nations, and that is why they are responding positively. That said, in terms of the safety factor, we were dealing with a country that was at war for 14 years, where people were being killed regularly. Commercial opportunities that Africa presents, as well as some of the transnational threats originating from the region are attracting interest from an increasingly diverse group of foreign countries working proactively to strengthen diplomatic, defense, and commercial ties with the continent.

This should be at the forefront of our thinking on Africa today.

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I believe I speak for all of us when I say that the importance of U. And so when we are trying to be effective in combating terrorism but our actions could lead to an increase, and we get to have a problem for investing in education, christian dating east los angeles usa we, we are saying, you know, we are going to be sending you books but we do not really make the investment that the communities themselves need where they need the brick and mortar investment, then there is a problem if we are talking about diplomacy.

In the report you reference Somalia, which is where my family is from and I was born, and it is ranked sixth in the world and second in Africa after Nigeria in terms of impact of terrorism. And in order for us to have successful engagement with the African continent we need to invest in more diplomatic presence on the ground, particularly our Ambassadors. But it also can and should do more.

But I think it is going to take more engagement and more resources for them. You can up as a model and start broadcasting your own sex life on live webcam any time.

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Second, the U. And they are now classified as being in debt distress. But I think it is, frankly, impossible to know given how, what a non- permissive environment it is. Renewed international commitments to elements of the Paris Climate Change Agreement would benefit Africa's efforts to address some of the environmental changes it now faces. Omar [continuing]. Needs to do more.

That is not going to work because China does provide certain things that African countries need. Again, I want to thank you for your patience. And I do believe that as we look at the broader DACA issues related to all of the nationalities here in the United States, the Liberians have to hrookings part of that comprehensive solution.

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That is a little bit of a disconnect. We have seen that impact in Northern Nigeria, we have seen that in Chad, in Niger, and further afield. Under the Trump administration, drone strikes in Somalia have tripled, now totaling more than Libya and Yemen combined. Because if you look at, if you add in the Sustainable Development Goals then it goes south. To take on more debt than they should be taking on.

And I think grookings could use as much help as possible, especially through regional actors as well as the U. And I think you can do both. I did find Liberia to be safe. Just one? For me it is, frankly, impossible to know, I think.

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My full testimony is provided in writing and gives a more fulsome list. I appreciate that. Oh, wonderful. Do you know how many, how much money in remittances do Liberians here in this country send back to Liberia? I will be keeping track on my trusty iPhone here, and will notify you when 5 minutes are up.

I also think it is possible, maybe not. The U.

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Thank you, and I look forward to your questions. I know that the President of Ghana has been here several times.

But when you look at the educational systems they are being crammed because of demographic growth, the infrastructure in classrooms--we touched on that earlier--is not keeping up. You know what I am saying?

We mentioned in the first hearing that we wanted to take our first few hearings cht an opportunity to really provide an overview of the jurisdiction that this committee covers. And if we start to decrease our foreign aid the Chinese will come in in some way or another to support these countries.

I am going to call on you first, if that is all right, Chairlady. Basically, we are here to ask what U.

And so, my question is what can and should, in your opinion, the U. And the Obama Administration and the Trump administration was continuing, I do not know about a rollback but, I mean, you know, the different phases, and we have not gotten to Phase 2.

I look forward to hearing witnesses' recommendations on what this engagement should entail. But I wanted to see if you maybe can help us sort of fully understand the impact that it might have on the folks in Liberia. I think they would.

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