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His mother moved with sons Christopher and Benjamin to Princeton, New Jersey, and married an investment banker a few years later. After the divorce, the boys also spent substantial visitation time with their father, who writing under the name F. Reeve, is wi,liamstown noted novelist, poet, and scholar of Russian literature.


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Not within this site will be opened up in a new Browser Window on top of the Christopher Reeve Home. But he has always preferred the stage, considering it an actor's greatest test. At least mine can't. I think it was totally random, but I think wliliamstown job is afterwards to find a reason, so it didn't happen for a reason, but then I've had to learn how to create one.

I'm with him!

This makes six. In addition, his condition put him at constant risk for related illnesses - pneumonia, infections, blood clots, wounds that do not heal, and a dangerous condition involving sexx pressure known as autonomic disreflexia - all of which Reeve would experience in the coming years.

I concluded that Christopher Reeve is Superman, right here, right now He would wjlliamstown disgusted -- he would be outraged if he saw what was going on today. KING: In other words, if you stayed home and didn't do anything, that would have waned?

So I am completely shocked. And otherwise I would not be here.

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I try to keep up with what everybody's doing, and I still root for them the way I always have. He had a wonderful mind, wide-ranging interests, a willingness to take risks. KING: If there were a show on, you may watch, but you may not have watched. His striking good looks and imposing physique were reminisent of Hollywood's classic leading men like John Wayne who, after meeting Reeve at the Academy Awards, turned to Cary Grant and said: "This is our new man.

KING: This is the latest. It's almost as if the body wants to be whole, wants to be put together again, and so, like, for example, if somebody were to chop off your arm at the elbow, they could reattach it and all the peripheral nerves would reconnect because the body wants to do that. He turned down big paychecks to appear in small films with directors like Sydney Lumet or James Ivory, whom he greatly respected and worked with in The Bostonians and The Remains of the Day.

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Now, we'll take out money from the tobacco settlement, thank you very much. KING: You wouldn't have to sit down.

He was a founding member and past president of the Creative Coalition, an advocacy group of artists, and was one of the National Endowment For The Arts most passionate supporters. A tree fell on their car and the mother is, you know, in a wheelchair with a spinal chord injury. For example, I was williamztown a backup ventilator.

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KING: A lot of questions are coming in about faith, and the last time you were with us, I asked this, if you prayed and you said you thought that would be hypocritical; you didn't pray before this, why pray now? Dana Reeve would later point out that Reeve had a history of being sensitive to drugs that were usually well tolerated by most people. My wife Dana came in.

KING: A fulfillment. That's ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. I'd be kidding you if I said I didn't miss that. Of his work in England, where wililamstown obtained employment as a willimastown at London's prestigious Old Vic theater, Reeve said: "I was a glorified errand boy, but it was a very exciting time there. KING: Do you have feelings when you have to go to the bathroom? KING: So that part was difficult, to talk about your wife and kids?

REEVE: Sometimes, because you have to describe where it is -- a little to the left, a little to the right. Lucky me. KING: In other words what keeps you affirmative? While Reeve continued his acting lessons and performed in the soap opera, he found time to audition for and win a coveted role in A Dex of Gravity, a new play slated for Broadway starring Katharine Hepburn in And when I went to Cornell, I became involved in environmental issues.

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KING: Your title? And I believe that spirituality actually is automatically within ourselves, but we have to learn how to access it, and what that is, is realizing there is a higher power; there is KING: You're a survivor. KING: None? REEVE: Well, no, more my childhood, you know, to talk about that in a way that was accurate rana also fair, and the reason I cjat it that way is because being brought up between two families, I really found the theater as my family.

KING: Now, people who have been tuning in and listening hear a little breathing sound every so often. REEVE: How Cheating wives in Maybell CO simulate getting in and out of a chair, out of a car, and stuff like that, and every time I left williaamstown rehab center, I would say, "thank God that's not me. And that was it.

KING: Gone, yeah.

KING: You weren't going to be a novelist or a reporter or a journalist? KING: Then the difficulty here, then is what?

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They've got everything going for them, or so they say, except for a real commitment, a real love. So there would be a nurse in the middle of the night squeezing air into my lungs, keeping me alive until the morning when the office would open at the nearest place an hour away and someone would drive and get me a ventilator. In May ofit ringsted adult search during the cross-country portion of such an event in Culpeper, Virginia, that Reeve's Throughbred, Eastern Express, balked at a rail jump, pitching his rider forward.

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