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Many retired men and women are attracted to senior chat rooms as a way to be social and interact with other seniors cgat. As the Internet becomes integrated into daily life, these chat rooms can provide a vital link to meeting people and continuing to keep the mind active. Many seniors see it as a time to do the fun activities that have been on their minds for years. For anyone who is looking to make connections but who might be immobile or simply wanting to reach out using technology, chat rooms can do the trick. You can find chat rooms where people discuss wdult questions, learn a new skill, play games, meet a special someone, share writing, plan trips or adutl travel, ask questions to an expert, or simply share thoughts with others.


Eooms, Jersey The only messageboard that I ever go to is Newsround's. Katrina, 13, Southampton The internet is not safe, and I don't feel safe talking to people that I have never seen before.

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MSN Messenger is brilliant, as you always know who you are talking to. I think that is sickening.

Emily, 14, Midlands I think that they should try and make it safer to sdult. Becky, 14, Rochdale I think that most chatrooms are safe - I only go on Newsround ones though.

And you can call them through a special button if you feel unsafe or scared of somebody. I think they are not safe. Charlotte, 11, Essex I'm usually am OK with them, but most people start off brisyol conversation OK, but then head off in the wrong direction!

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I think that chatrooms are unsafe and also unfair because they build people's hopes up. They really only become dangerous if you start giving out your personal details, you just have to be careful.

I prefer ing people. I usually also only give out my 1st name and the county which I live in.

I will never go on a chatroom. I just make sure I don't give away my personal details and if someone annoys me, I leave straightaway.

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My parents have warned me about bad people on there but I still go on. Many retired men and women are attracted to senior chat rooms as a way to be social and interact with other seniors online.

You can meet different interesting people from all over the world and so chatrooms can be very fun. Sarah, 13, Northern Ireland I once went on a chatroom and this lad was really nasty and rude, ever since then he's ed me. Her parents don't know that she has even been on one. Maria, 12, Adukt I go on websites all the time, talking to people is fun, but you should never arrange to meet up.

Holli, 16, Hersham I use the Newsround chatroom because Rloms know it's safe but I don't normally go on others bcoz I don't trust them as much.

Once someone asked for my address but I just ignored 'em - that's what u should do Elizabeth, 9, Essex I would never go on a chat room now after all the stories I've heard about them. And ignore people who are rude. What more can be done to protect children online?

I never go into chatrooms because most of them are not moderated and most of the people on them are weirdoes asking if you have a boyfriend, or 'do you wanna cyber? Laura, 13, Southampton I feel safe. Francessca, 14, North Yorkshire I did use a chatroom but then I stared to get a bit suspicious so I stopped.

I know what the dangers are and have met some funny characters while online but the best you can do is to ignore them and leave the chat. I think it's a bit extreme to ban us altogether! Gregory, 15, Stirling I use chatrooms, and I think that they are not dangerous, because if you don't give out personal details, then you are safe, its only dangerous if you give out information your not sposed to.


Maeve, 12 I use the internet often, sometimes using chat rooms, mostly talking to my own friends. Verity, 15, Bournemouth Many children are made aware of what precautions to take while they are on an internet chatroom, and they are warned about what might happen, but really it's down to that person to make their own decision on what they think is right and it's their choice whether to follow the provided Bremen live sex men women, but in the end it's their choice and if anything happens to them if they choose to give out details there is no one to blame except themselves.

It's all very well to say that you should ban people but they could just as easily give a fake ID and get in there anyway. If I feel uncomfortable at anytime I know to get off and tell an adult I trust. Luke, 14, Birmingham I think the internet can be dangerous. Michaela, 11, Staffs I think that chatrooms are great. Kelly, 14, Kent Saying that all online chatters are weirdos is stereotypical, not everyone is like that. Sara, 14, N Ireland I think that there is nothing wrong with going in chatrooms if you abide with all the rules that the chatroom has put in place.

They also have older people that are not teens but which are 30 odd. Sarah, 13, Oxfordshire I am very careful when I go on the internet. I prefer to talk to people who I know on messenger services like MSN.

Remember that you are only there adullt a laugh and it should stay a laugh, but just on the internet. Also no cjat should give away their personal info. Judy, 12, Bournemouth Personally I think like every other danger that faces teenagers: drugs, smoking etc you just have to be careful and if in doubt tell some one because you can't go on in life being unable to do anything because it's not safe.

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Many seniors see it as a time to do the fun activities that adupt been on their minds for Horny 57006 w a. Most chat rooms do not require any special software. Vicki, 11, Glasgow I've been using an internet chatroom for a couple of months now. You don't have to go and meet up with them. Dawn, 14, Canada I'm not allowed on the chat rooms, but I don't mind because I don't think they're safe.

Updated 28 July Hannah, 12, Birmingham I don't always feel safe on the internet. I am a totally different person on the internet. Follow the rules you have been given and you should be safe.

Chatrooms are just there to meet friends and talk on the net ONLY!!! The only details you should give away over the internet is your name.

I definitely feel safe on those! Lauren, 15, Bolton Chatrooms should be age restricted and site owners should keep a record of who goes on. The only personal info I give out is my nickname and my city. I prefer to e-mail my American pen pals instead.

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