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This article, which is based on observations from working in multicultural environments for twenty- five years and a review of sources on intercultural communication, addresses the intrinsic difficulties that arise from communication among xolombianas of different cultures. The connection between language and culture collombianas so close that communication among internationals creates challenges of intercultural communication even when communicating in the same language. In Colombia, especially in institutions that teach English, there are bicultural or multicultural groups of teachers that work together.


In their relationships and discussions, Americans speak directly Kohls, and also allow for disagreement.

A Colombian may gently question if the idea is a good one. Hall says that in high context cultures such as those of Latin America, the importance of the relationship between people is so great that in order to preserve that value, the culture permits flexibility in how things are done colombanas ambiguity in how things are perceived Hall, Colombians avoid giving a direct negative response when it colo,bianas cause discomfort for the speaker or listener Hutchison et al.

Downers Grave: InterVarsity Press. It is harder for high context cultures, like that of Colombia, colmbianas embrace and accommodate change Hall, To create a harmonious and effective work environment requires understanding intercultural communication, specifically how perspective and interpretation depend on the cultural lens through which communication is north stamford latin escort Elmer, Those questions will be the hint that there is an opposing opinion and in a Colombian setting, the original idea may eventually be discarded, although no direct criticism or overt evaluation took place.

However, the benefits of their different perspectives as regards the project or work group make it worth the hard work of overcoming the difficulties of intercultural communication.

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In a work environment, a low context culture expects work before friendship, the earning of credibility through performance, formal agreements and efficient management of time. In addition, when the Colombians do not seem to offer a contrary perspective, the American may view the Colombians as not having an opinion or not caring about the development of the project. Keeping conversations simple and direct will help increase communication. Expect and be ready to correct misunderstandings.

The values Americans live by.

Colombians and Americans interpret differently how to help others. Possible Negative Interpretations In Colombia, saying hello and good-by are important social rituals.

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The Colombians can be seen as taking work lightly and preferring to talk about personal issues. They avoid talking about topics they consider personal such as their income, age and how much they paid for something.

Likewise, the indirect speech of Colombians, including much use of passive voice and many pronouns, make Spanish communication difficult for non-native speakers. Low context cultures, of which mainstream US is an example, are characterized by comparatively shorter relationships, preference for written agreements, less clearly identified insiders and outsiders, and quicker change in cultural patterns.

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A congenial work environment is a challenging goal when colleagues come from different cultures. Colombians are more tied to the present and past.

Bicultural or multicultural work teams benefit the communities they serve and provide wonderful learning opportunities for the people involved. A third chzt walks by. Colombians are very concerned that their relationships remain intact and congenial while they get tasks done Hutchison et al.

Provo: Brigham Young U. Overcoming the Conflicts of Intercultural Communication As the world continues to shrink and communication among people of different cultures increases, it is necessary that all parties become sensitive to the challenges and follow through with those actions that can help ease the conflicts inherent in communicating cross culturally.

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The silent language. Living in Colombia. Monochronic time is perceived as a line of time with events being scheduled in a row, happening one at a time, chaf and ending at precise moments.

Americans tend to plan for and live for the future, orienting their present activities to future ; tradition and the past tend to be ignored or pushed aside Kohls, Also, please note that some of Edward T. Conversely, Colombians will sacrifice other values in order to devote the time and energy needed for maintaining harmony in their relationships. Americans do not regard unity as highly as they do other values Elmer, Rituals, such as greetings, are kept to a minimum U Iowa, Oberg, K.

Gordon, R. Possible Negative Interpretations When Americans work with their eye on the clock of efficiency, they can be seen as rushing the process and being insensitive to important family happenings they are not interested in hearing about.

Below are three examples of common interactions that can lead to misunderstandings. Skokie: National Textbook Co. Americans colombiansa change and newness; Colombians celebrate the past and prefer continuity to change.

Idea Proposal and Critique In the course of proposing ideas and suggestions for the development of the cha, the American will directly ask if anyone disagrees with a proposal. For Colombians, exact evidence and facts are much less important in informal exchange than maintaining a harmonious relationship and congenial conversation Hutchison et al.

The American culture is lower context, where meaning is less influenced by the situation and those involved in the communication.

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