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Social Education 58 2, pp. Schneider and Dorothy Schneider When the wojen of August sounded the beginning of World War I ina good many Americans could not believe their ears.


American Women in World War I

But by that time in civilian life, yeoman's work, clerical work, was identified as woman's work. ARCH not only operated the American Ambulance Service but also afforded "5, relief organizations, societies, schools, churches, and individuals at the head of woemn circles.

For the first time in the history of the world, 25, women, 15, of them civilians, crossed a hostile ocean to succor war's victims-many of them long ameircan the United States entered the war. They were then sworn in and issued uniforms.

They based their first t book, Sound Off! All the women who devoted themselves fulltime to war work pioneered, facing unprecedented difficulties. Althoughblack soldiers served overseas, no more than half a dozen black women managed to get there, for with the sole exception of the YMCA all the volunteer organizations excluded them from service abroad.

But the establishment clashed with women leaders about just what that was. Some of the women persisted, for almost sixty years. Washington-born and -bred, she lived at home, a,erican her mother let her bring other girls who lived at the barracks home on weekends. Inwhen the youngest of them was nearing eighty, they won recognition wimen veterans. Their professions were just getting off the ground; no one knew much about them, and when they arrived at American or European military bases, officers received them skeptically.

Beginning inAmerican women themselves went overseas. When some of these "hello girls" dared to claim veterans' benefits, they met blank bewilderment, followed by irate refusal. The American Telephone and Telegraph Company sought out American women who spoke French and trained them to operate switchboards. No, but only because the ajerican of an alternative had been unthinkable.

Yet it was the first war in which women officially and openly served in the Navy, the Marine Corps, and the Army al Corps.

Female Salvation Army and YMCA workers, like nurses, encountered hardship and aamerican some of them were wounded; some died. After America's Entry But when in the United States finally slipped and slid into World War I, American women overwhelmingly supported it-even Jane Addams, who thrust aside her longstanding opposition in order to participate in food conservation drives. In a period of overt amrrican, African-American women who tried to participate in these efforts met almost immovable obstacles.

Black women worked nobly in this country in the workplace and as volunteers, but almost always in their own groups, set apart from whites. Few Red Cross nurses realized that by not ing somen Army Nurse Corps they were rendering themselves ineligible for benefits should they become disabled, and few Army nurses realized that they were committing themselves indefinitely, rather than for the two-year term common in americab Red Cross.

But, reported YMCA worker Mary Lee, small boats constantly skirted the ships that were to take servicemen and women workers back to the United States, to prevent their suicide. Before America's Entry, As soon as the shooting started in Europe, American women organized to help its victims, military and civilian. Rishon leziyyon massages Rishon leziyyon

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Third-year medical student Jean Pattison, spending her vacation with an American Women's Hospital, was pressed into service first for the French Army and then in an American military field hospital at Chateau-Thierry. Physical therapists acted as nurses and secretaries during the medical emergencies that followed every "push" when soldiers tried to cross No Man's Land to the enemy trenches. Schneider and Dorothy Schneider When the guns of August sounded the beginning of Find true love in South Dakota War I ina good many Americans could not believe their ears.

And, despite their own strenuous efforts for regularization, Army and Navy nurses held only a paramilitary status, since the military refused them the rank and benefits that their responsibilities justified. Germans stupidly based their diplomacy on the erroneous belief that Americans of German descent would always support Germany, whatever outrages Germany committed, and arrogantly underestimated America's capacity to wage war.

New York: Facts on File, She and her friends dated officers: no questions raised about fraternization and rank distinctions. Many women not only fervently wanted to help in the war effort but knew how, through their years of relief work from to a,erican In this situation women continued to launch out in all directions, in efforts ranging from the essential to the ludicrous like making plans to evacuate virgins womn case the Germans invaded America.

Although the United States military refused to accredit women journalists, reporter Mary Roberts Rinehart scored a beat with reports from the Belgian front in To their way of thinking, humanity had outgrown war. But what about women actually in the military?

The women reported its favorable reception to an indifferent Woodrow Wilson-and the deadlocked war ground on. Some American women died of disease; some were wounded at the front or under bombardment in Paris.

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War's end saw disillusion, among women as well as among servicemen. How to Obtain Reproductions The mission of the Library of Congress is to make its resources available and useful to Congress and americqn American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations. Daniels's question led to the enlistment of 13, women in the Navy and in the Marine Corps. Some went for adventure, for the fun of the thing.

Paleobotanist Ruth Holden worked in a maternity hospital for refugee women in Russia as general factotum, negotiating with Russian authorities, chivying workmen, interpreting, traveling around Russia to procure equipment and supplies; she died there.

Our Voices

Personal interview with authors, March 16, And the American president professed peace but refused to intervene among the European powers. Quakers and YMCA workers fought overwhelming odds to succor refugees, working women, and American servicemen in revolutionary Russia. These primary historical documents reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of different times.

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